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Two Things

Few days before getting engaged to a US-based guy, the girl wants to talk t

The Wallet

A Lost Wallet can have a lot of Lost Stories in it. Here is one of Samar's

Ek Choti Si Ego

The beautiful story of an ex-Husband and ex-Wife. Life may take you to plac


Set in a quaint town in Maharashtra - Palghar. We follow Jeet, a young docu


Selfish or selfless, what is the definition of love in a family?

Silent Types

Alex is a happy go lucky, 31 year old. On his parents behest he goes to me

Ek Dopahar

Ek Dopahar - a short film starring Huma Qureshi and Gauahar Khan

The Lovers

Watch 'The Lovers', a perfect short produced by #VandanaMordani & #AnuraagM

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