The multiple award winning film, Kaalchakra, takes its inspiration from a r

The Unwanted Guest

He was lonely in his life and one day an unwanted guest enters his home and

The Bribe

In a world where values have been corrupted to such an extent that giving a


Promising a 100% Entertainment Forever. Short Film with Strong Message


Today after many days, Rohit gets a very expensive gift for his wife Pooja.

A Girl at My Door

I always remember that Strange night when I found a beautiful lonely girl

An Affair with my Boss

A married woman starts a relationship with her boss but suddenly he starts


A girl and a guy pop sleeping pills around a bonfire.You won't believe what

Love me if you Dare

She is Young, Beautiful and Adorable,and she wants everybody to love her, b

Sleeping with the Stranger

This Short Film centres an attractive woman whose capacity to seduce male a