In Bollywood, Hindi short films have become quite a rage these days with plenty of prominent actors also trying their hand at them. And succeeding too. A short film is a motion picture not long enough to be considered a feature film.
Budding film-makers and enthusiasts are creating engaging short films in less than half the time and lesser budget. These serve as a medium to showcase their skills and talent.
Due to a dearth of proper collated list of awesome short films, at "Hindi Short Films" we are trying to create a crowdsourced list of wonderful films.
Share any short films that you are aware of with others, and also do keep visiting us for new movies.
There are currently a total of 330 short films on this site and of total duration 838:59:59 hours.
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Top Short films by Views from last week
# Title Views
1 One Fine Night 1006540
2 First Night With My Girlfriend 767311
3 Vivash 565617
4 The Choice 239438
5 LIFT 192027
6 Gutargu 188875
7 PSYCHO 187642
8 Ahalya 164790
9 Girl In Red 159729
10 Just One Night 149251
11 Sab Theek Hain 146264
12 Story Of A Young Bride 140010
13 Cheat 139606
14 Naariyal Ke Laddoo 133013
15 Nitishastra 128586
16 Jutti 123825
17 Scripted 123327
18 That Sunday 118528
19 Blindspot 115815
20 Seal 106603
21 Sex Fight 105971
22 Destiny 97219
23 Meera 92861
24 Mohammad & Urvashi 88870
25 That day after everyday 78185
26 Ulti Salwaar 76114
27 Being a Mistress to a Married Man 72410
28 A Wife Dilemma 65587
29 Paad 60062
30 First Night 54624
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