In Bollywood, Hindi short films have become quite a rage these days with plenty of prominent actors also trying their hand at them. And succeeding too. A short film is a motion picture not long enough to be considered a feature film.
Budding film-makers and enthusiasts are creating engaging short films in less than half the time and lesser budget. These serve as a medium to showcase their skills and talent.
Due to a dearth of proper collated list of awesome short films, at " Hindi Short Films" we are trying to create a crowdsourced list of wonderful films.
Share any short films that you are aware of with others, and also do keep visiting us for new movies.
There are currently a total of 589 short films on this site and of total duration 838:59:59 hours.
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Top Short films by Views from last week
# Title Views
1 Joshi Ji Ki Beti 1320985
2 Vivash 275156   2
3 Anubhed 244913   4
4 @Status | Why? 208346
5 ABC 156249   4
6 Seal 130405   2
7 PSYCHO 125321   3
8 The Virgins 108168   2
9 No Smoking 95508   14
10 The Foreigner 90234   3
11 Just One Night 69514   7
12 Girl In Red 67705   2
13 The perfect match 67100   3
14 TechSex 64240   3
15 Cheat 61956   11
16 Jutti 56533   2
17 Bas 2 Hi Mulaqat 47304   4
18 Rewind 46643   6
19 Chubhan 44477   1
20 School Girl 40594   7
21 Haircut 37333   3
22 Khaney Mein Kya Hai 33374   5
23 Story Of A Young Bride 31796   3
24 Khamakha 31696
25 The Perfect Murder 31259   2
26 Love, Bites 30577   5
27 One Fine Night 30386   2
28 First Diwali With Your In-Laws 30038   2
29 Perfect Maid 29284   4
30 Payment 27858   2
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