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Electric Piya

A high school girl brings a new bulb for her study lamp. The bulb is anthro

Sound of silence

The Story is about the existence of those who remain alive in Silence. One


Charan, taxi driver was off duty but a mysterious passenger persuades him t

The Bride

She want to confess her past life to her husband on a first night of her ma

Holding Back

Short Film Holding back a short film is based on a true incident in 1999, o


Napolean is a thriller short film and the story revolves around a Pistol fr


Picnic is a warm, fuzzy, slice-of- life way of looking at Death, which is o

Chhoti Biryani

Make your celebrations memorable with some Chhoti Biryani served hot on Bei

Long Distance Diwali

Diwali – a time to celebrate with your loved ones. But sometimes we priorit


An old couple shares with each other the fond memories of the childhood of

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