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First Diwali With Your In-Laws

I got lucky. I love my in laws. ❤️ Gift your loved ones some sparkle with S


Every day there's a news that makes you feel ashamed to be a human.SHARMIND

Acche Din

The original short film ‘Acche Din’ by Aron Mitr is about a young man whose

Radhesham Lodge

On the shady streets, under a gloomy old building, struts a peddler with a

Delivery Girl

After a heated argument regarding Angad quitting his job without consulting

Na-Umeed(Abandonment of hope)

This is a brief capsule of two sons, who are reluctant to keep their mother

Beyond Failing

Set in a period when board exams are set to resume in India, the story revo

Kivaad (Door)

Shutting the world out, even for a few moments is not a privilege all enjoy


Showcasing the issues of road Potholes, which can cause heavy loss to the s


A story of an aged couple who even after spending years of togetherness is

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