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PANDIANETWORKS FILM FACTORY NP Philosophy presents"SHE"Starring : Tanvi Sri


A tortured, long-suffering wife comes up with an original and brilliant pla

Sleeping with the Stranger

This Short Film centres an attractive woman whose capacity to seduce male a

Jab Ex Boyfriend Aaya Ghar

Confessions ft. Megha Chakraborty | The Short Cuts What happens when you ha

3rd Wedding Anniversary

3rd Wedding Anniversary is a Hindi short film about a husband and a wife. B

Sawari (Passenger)

The struggle between good & bad is an unending phenomenon whether it is in

Deal Done

Is marriage in India now a business deal? Have we stooped so low as to labe


Beauty is often distorted, misunderstood and shadowed by a wide amount of c

She's D One

She’s D One is a romantic film with a twist. Shaurya finds love after a lon


How much courage does it take to see your hope being crushed to bits?

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