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A Cup of Positivity

Story tapping the intricate ideologies and prejudice linked with the Transg

No Mail

An inspirational story of a very young man who rose above with the help of


Rishi, a wandering photographer is stuck in a small village due to an unfor

Sex Fight

Sex Fight is a story a couple in live-in relationship, they fight with each

The Poster

A tale of a writer who makes his stories readable.
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Aakhri Sawari

The last ride. Manish, a perfect husband and father, tormented by a mysteri

Crimes of Passion

Johannes, struggling with his failing marriage, finds himself drawn to his

The Breakup

A rom-com about relationships.

What's Wrong?

What's Wrong? is an initiative by Skadoosh Films in association with Aasra

The Gift of Love

Based on a true story about the gift of love.

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