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Lonely Girl

Lonely Girl is a psychological thriller revolving around beautiful Radhika

That Rainy Night

That Rainy Night ft. Priya Chauhan | The Short Cuts A Prabhakar ‘Meena Bhas

In the Closet

A romantic mid-day tryst - fine wine, red roses, candles, and silk. The exc


The film is about Krishna (Tejal Rathore) a newly married young woman and

The Unseen

One fine night, a homeless young girl, meets a man, who offers her to stay

Dilli Vala Dost

Dilli Vala Dost, the new story on the block, is a short film based on a mar


Each & every one of us at some point of time must have or maybe even be goi

Ulti Salwaar

उल्टी सलवार - इस कहानी को मैं क्या बयान करूँ यूं कह सकते है कि आंखों  देखा


बेतकल्लुफ-बेपरवाह हो तुम,कभी मासूम सी,कभी चहकती,बेफ़िक्र अंदाज़ हो तुम."पाद

Bruno & Juliet

Bruno & Juliet is a charming short film that shows the friendship between t

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