A migrant delivery boy from a restaurant is searching for an address to del


Aaeena is an emotional journey of a mother who gets into a situation where

The Paper Boy

The City of Joy is that melting pot where dreams are served everyday freshl

Yaadein (Memories)

Manas Kulkarni, 27, is a struggling photographer. He finally has a job in D

Aaji - the Maid

Emotional story of an old house maid & a housewife. Heart touching performa

The Complaint

In fond memory of - Major Uday Singh, Sena Medal, Shaurya Chakra (RIP)Haris

Pressure Cooker

In the India of 1990's, which hadn't yet opened up to the glitter of free m

Dry Day

How do you connect a bond that's broken? Harsh Dedhia's 'Dry Day' strives t

My Mother's Wedding

An emotionally broken Parinaaz is reluctant to fall in love again & take th

In the Mood for Love

Watch the upcoming Social Awareness short film "In the mood for love" by R