Official Selection South Asian International Film Festival, New York. Official Selection Hanoi International Film Festival, Vietnam. Truth can sometimes jolt you. This really happened. Women finally said enough! And hit back. Its a unique situation- and even the legal system is unable to wrap its arms around. Has justice been served?According to the ‘Art of War’ there is nothing more dangerous than an opponent who is backed into a corner and has no option but to fight back. The women in this slum were in exactly the same situation. Everyday they faced constant humiliation in the form of rape, extortion, beatings and even murder by the local don and his goons. With even the local police in cahoots with the criminals, these women had no option but to take the law into their own hands.Based on true incidents, ‘Enough’ tells the story of a young mother who is able to accept her own humiliation tamely but protective maternal instinct turns her into a wild animal willing to go to any lengths to protect her young daughter

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