BLUSH & Chhoti Production Company, in association with Indira IVF, present the new installment of Mothers & Daughters - "Methi Ke Laddoo" starring Zarina Wahab, Aakanksha Singh and Anjali Barot. Sunita has two daughters who are very different from each other; the younger one is carefree and has a candour that can be misplaced sometimes, the elder one is reserved, sensitive and a woman of few but sharp words. The younger daughter is expected to deliver soon and is home post her god-bharai. The elder is struggling to conceive and unable to let go of the deep pain and bitterness she feels for this situation that she finds herself in. There are two different set of emotions pulsating in Sunita's kitchen on an afternoon when all of them are home and Methi Ke Ladoo are being made for the pregnant younger daughter. And Sunita knows exactly how to replace her daughter's bitterness with searing hope. After all, mothers are the best problem solvers, aren't they?

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