Every day there's a news that makes you feel ashamed to be a human.SHARMINDA (शर्मिंदा /شرمندہ) is a journey of a rickshawwala who's trying to find the roots of women objectification and exploitation in our society.This multiple Award-winning short-film was written and directed by Vishal Srivastava. Awards -Winner - A combined award of Best Film & Best Director in Royal Stag's Large Short Film Contest (2015) Special Festival Mention in Award (Professional short film category), Dada Saheb Phalke International Film Festival, New Delhi, 2015.The Best Background score and Special Jury Mention Award (Professional short film category) in 3rd Delhi Shorts International Film Festival, 2014, New Delhi.Best Screenplay Award (Professional short film category) in 3rd Mumbai Shorts International Film festival, 2014, Mumbai.Best Film & Best Director in International Film Festival of Prayag, 2015.Best Film Award in Essence Film festival, Allahabad, 2015.Official Selection - Cinephile International Film Festival, 2014, New Delhi.5th Siliguri International Short Film & Documentary Festival, 2014.Pune Short Film festival, 2014, and was screened at National Film Archives of India, Pune.3rd Delhi International Film Festival, 2014, New Delhi.2nd Goa Short Film Festival, 2015.Gurgaon International Film & Literature Festival, 2015.Access Code Short Film Festival, Srinagar, 2015.

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