Suspense, seduction, deceit. A perfect short which makes you want to hold o


Yellow is an 8 min #psychological #thriller about a man stranded in a room.


A girl receives an anonymous gift outside her door. As she opens it she fin

Anonymous - A Mystery

On one rainy night, a stranger girl enters house of a lonely writer who has

Hear No Evil

Hear No Evil taps into the subconscious mind. What we see on the outside is

Sunset Shift

This film starring Varun Badola is set in the backdrop of a taxi driver wor


Official Selection for 4th Goa short film festival 2017!!! Batwa a short f


A man meets a psychiatrist and tells him that he has killed someone but he


A suspense thriller short film

The Blind Date

The Blind Date | Triyacharitra ft. Lauren Gottlieb & Ali Fazal Triyacharitr