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A commercial and completely filled with entertainment based on social statu


Katputli Wala - is a story about a father and his son. The sacrifices that

THE JOB | The Job | Short Film

An expat, who is not able to differentiate between the reality and illusion

Kashmir - A Father's Day Film by TTT

A bereaved son grapples with his loss and in turn understands his relations

The Missing

‘THE MISSING’ Two girls from India dare to break away from society rules an


Watch the value of unspoken emotions taking over the value of written words

A perfect break-up

A perfect scene begins by getting rid of clichés, or doing away with what’s

A Lonely Girl - Ek Akeli Ladki

This film is about a girl who finds herself alone in an isolated area... T

Happy Anniversary

a short film about a couple Annaya Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor. Their relation


'Aawaz - The Voice' is a short film that manifests the idea of women's empo

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