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True love lies in understanding the unsaid words. Spread over months of mas

We met at the wrong time

We met at the wrong time”, is a short film that very beautifully depicts th

Husband Calling

Writer- Director Aswad Pednekar has come up yet again with a heart warming

The Bench

Award-winning Hindi Short Film THE BENCH which is based on FAMILY, RELATIO

She Decided Enough is Enough

A career woman was accused of sleeping her way to the top and brutally atta

Me Too

#Me Too is a story of a rape victim called Payal Sinha who is forced to giv


Confessions ft. Megha Chakraborty | The Short Cuts What happens when you ha

I Am Pregnant

Dev and Anshika are married for five years now and don't have a baby yet. A


What happens when two strangers meet. Who is a stranger? How do you divide


A tale of a young girl, struggling to hold on to her existence and a flirta

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