First Night Secrets

Watch This Compilationof 4 Short Films based on Social Issues men and women face in their lives. 1. First Night, 2. Khalish, 3. SAMAIRA ( Child Abuse ), 4. Penitence. We start this journey with FIRST NIGHT. It’s a story of a boyfriend who loves his girlfriend immensely but one incident in his friend’s life makes him insecure and he takes a drastic step that is against his ethics and moral. To check out the shocking Step taken by the boyfriend, do watch out FIRST NIGHT and do not miss the end. The Second Film Is KHALISH. Here we present a short story of a newly-wed couple who went on a short vacation before moving to a new place. In arranged marriages, it’s quite obvious that the couple doesn’t know each other well in advance and hence, the mentality that sex on the first night is compulsory should not be forced on either of them. However, there are a number of men who despite being educated and sophisticated just can’t digest this reality and try to make relationship with the bride forcibly which is also a form of rape! This Woman also did not know her husband, his intentions and temperament which resulted in this sweet innocent new bride becoming a VICTIM at her own house. Watch Her Pathetic Tale Narrated By Her Tears. #MaritalAbuse #DomesticViolence #Khalish #NoToRape #NoMeansNo. The 3rd Story is Samaira. This Story is of a little girl Samaira. Samaira doesn't have a voice and at a tender age she faces TRAUMA at her own house. She is been abused by one of her own family member. She wants to speak and stand up for herself. The Mother gets her in the END and the mothers and daughters feelings via a poetry are worth watching. Mothers Beware of such people and protect your daughters this Mothers Day. We should all Stand Up against Child Abuse. Final Story is Penitence. This story is about a girl who is home alone and she calls her boyfriend over for a night stay. What happens with her next is a surprise visitor who changed her life. Do watch the 4 films and let us know about which one you liked the most and also tell us about any of your experiences in the comments section below.

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