Necklace is a story of a beautiful couple Priya and Aadil, who stay in Kashmir. Aadil is out of town for business and Priya is all alone and busy with house work. Priya has made a Facebook friend whose name is Sanjay. He is single, good looking and a fun loving person. Soon acquaintances turn into friendship and this friendship only gets stronger and special by the day. One day they both were getting back home. As they reach home, Sanjay invites himself into the house and friendship turns into passion and by time the passion gave way to realization Priya had crossed over to being an infidel. Aadil has come back from his business tour and has bought his lovely wife a diamond necklace as an anniversary present. Sanjay comes to meet Priya who is ignoring and refuses to see him. He comes home eventually to ask as to what had changed between them. Priya furiously tells him to leave. She takes a sigh of relief as he leaves. She goes back into her room only to find the necklace missing! Priya is all frantic as to where could it be? Who took the necklace? Did Sanjay steal it? What will she tell her husband? Will her husband come to find out about her infidelity?

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